Sigung LaBounty

Sigung LaBounty:

Arguably, one of the most widely known Kenpoists. There are many in EPAK that say Stephen LaBounty is the true definition of the "Warrior Spirit." Having started with a background in Judo and in 1962 under the Tracy Brothers who were students under Ed Parker at that time, and earning his Black Belt (only their third). Mr. LaBounty went on to distinguish himself in the martial arts, carrying Mr. Parker's banner wherever he went.

Both a National and International Champion he is widely sought after on the seminar circuit where he is legendary for his "fighting/coaching drills". Spending over 20 years in Law Enforcement as a Deputy Sheriff and then to Police work, he also was active in Basic Academy Training for those seeking a profession in Law Enforcement. 

He is at times outspoken, yet is more than willing to support events and causes that he feels will bring the Kenpo family closer together. A friend to many in the martial community he is often sought after for his wisdom and experience and was one the founding members of the American Kenpo Senior Council.

Mr. LaBounty carries the title of "Sigung", which is a Chinese title with several meanings, but for him it is relative to the title of "Grandfather". He is aligned with the American Kenpo Training System whom he has a close familial relationship with.

Mr. LaBounty's promotions, with the exception of his 1st degree, were awarded by Senior Grand Master Edmund Kealoha Parker. He now is honored to be a 9th degree awarded with the late Sibok Thomas Kelly, through verbal acclamation at a meeting held in Pipe Creek Texas. It was awarded by popular vote of 25 Black Belts of 4th degree and above. …It was, and always will be, his last promotion ever.


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