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Mr. Crehan has been studying the martial arts for more than 30 years. He has been teaching Ed Parker’s Kenpo for over 23 years. Mr. Crehan is a 5th degree black belt. Mr. Crehan has also studied Fred Villari’s and Nick Cerio’s Karate before eventually switching to Ed Parkers Kenpo Karate. He continues his training by attending seminars and private lessons. Mr. Crehan has attended seminars with well known Kenpoist Mr. Ed Parker Jr., Mr. Jeff Speakman, Mr. Pat Salantri, Mr. Frank Trejo, 8th Degree Black Belt Eddie Downey, 9th Degree Black Belt Mr. Bob White, 9th Degree Black Belt Mr. Lee Wedlake, 9th Degree Black Belt “The Warrior Sprit” Mr. Stephen “Sigung” LaBounty, and 9th Degree Black Belt Master of the Arts Mr. John Sepulveda. Mr. Crehan does private lessons with Mr. Downey, Mr. LaBounty and Mr. Sepulveda.  He continues to be a personal student of Mr. Sepulveda and Mr. LaBounty. Mr. Crehan is also a member of the AKSC, American Kenpo Senior Council, and has completed requirements and testing to be part of the AKSC.


Mr. Crehan also continues to teach a quarterly class which is called the “Gathering”. This is a class that brings Kenpo schools together to train and share knowledge. This is a practice that has been long forgotten. All too often, schools were comparing themselves to other schools or instructors were not willing to work with different schools. This has become increasingly problematic since Mr. Parker’s passing. This is something that Mr. Parker didn’t want to happen. With the help and guidance of Mr. LaBounty we have started this Gathering class with schools from New England and New York. Mr. LaBounty says this was a common practice in the 60’s and 70‘s.  These schools would come together and train and share knowledge with no “Ego’s” involved. Mr. Crehan teaches this class in conjunction with Mr. Steve Cordaro from Black Dragon Kenpo Karate located in Centerport, Long Island and Mr. Tim Murphy from Rockland Kenpo Karate located in Valley Cottage, NY.  The class rotates between schools. Mr. Crehan says, “You will never stop learning.  Becoming a black belt is just the beginning. Achieving a black belt is like graduating from high school. Your next achievement would be your Associates, then on to your Bachelors, Masters and your Doctorate. It never ends, you will always keep learning either by taking classes or by teaching.  Teaching will give you a whole other insightfulness into Ed Parkers Kenpo. By breaking down the moves so another student can learn helps you become a greater martial artist. You will always have an endless journey in Ed Parkers Kenpo.”  Mr. Parker said, “It would take two life times to learn all that that there is to learn in Kenpo so you will never stop learning.” Mr. Crehan continues, “The journey is just beginning you just need to take the first step.”


Mr. Crehan also has specialized in teaching children with autism and Asperger's syndrome, spanning the spectrum. Mr. Crehan is also experienced in teaching children with varying degrees of ADHD, children in wheelchairs, children with disciplinary problems, children with leukemia and other forms of cancer, and most recently, Mr. Crehan took on a student with dysautonomia syndrome, allowing her to only practice karate sitting in a chair. 


Mr. Crehan works with the community by running free Women’s Assault Prevention Class, hosting the Brownies and the Boy and Girl Scouts, which helps them earn merit badges.

Philanthropically, Mr. Crehan and Mr. Murphy (from Rockland Kenpo Karate) run a karate tournament every year to raise money for the Royal Family Kids charity. The Royal Family Kids charity is the nation's leading network of camps and mentor clubs for children of abuse, abandonment, and neglected. 

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