A Little History of the AKSC.

In the early 1990's, the American Kenpo Senior Council (AKSC) was formed as a league of Kenpo organizations. Brian Duffy of Austin Texas, was instrumental in getting it off the ground, having held a camp in Texas at which several long-time practitioners agreed to launch it. As Mr. Wedlake understands it, those participants included (but the list is not limited to) Stephen LaBounty, John Sepulveda, Bob Liles, Tom Kelly, Gary Swan, Huk Planas, and Frank Trejo. Others involved were Brian Hawklins, Bob White, and Dennis Conatser. 


The AKSC as it is now.

The American Kenpo Senior Council is dedicated to providing; Advanced knowledge, training and certification of Kenpo instructors and examiners. The aim of the revitalized AKSC is to provide instructor training through a formal instructor course, observation and examination. This will include training for examiner candidates. 

Those wishing to be AKSC certified, regardless of lineage, will contact a AKSC examiner, submit their qualifications and make arrangements to get the instructor/examiner course, take any necessary training and exam. Successful candidates will wear the AKSC patch and be issued a certificate.


The American Kenpo Senior Council board members include, Mr. Lee Wedlake, and Mr. John Sepulveda.




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