Ed Parker's IKC Flame Patch


The IKC Kenpo Flame Patch


The flame patch can only be obtained through participating in the IKC’s—the International Karate Championship. We have a number of students at Franklin Family Karate who have these patches from competing at the IKC’s held in Boston in 2013.


The oval represents the earth because the tournament is an international event.

The four colors are the four major belt colors: white, brown, black, and red. Most of the patch is white because white belts make up more than any other rank.

As you move through the levels, you get up to the brown belt—an advance level.

After achieving the black belt level, the final level is Professorship of Mastery, which is represented by the color red.

The flame is red, and the three points of the flame denote the three stages of learning (a.k.a. three stages of self-defense). The lowest point of the flame is the primitive learning stage, the second point of the flame represents the mechanical learning stage, and the highest point of the flame represents the spontaneous learning stage.

The flame makes contact with all of the other colors in the patch, just like master instructor connects with all the other belt levels.

Ed Parker chose the flame to be the color of red because red represents the color of mastery. 


“The flame is pretty to look at but deadly to touch, just like the movement of Kenpo Karate.” —Ed Parker



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